portland ghostbusters montage

This video celebrates the community involvement of the Portland Ghostbusters, a charity/non-profit organization serving NW Oregon and SW Washington. I created the 3D animation in Cinema 4d and the motion graphics in After Effects.

portland ghostbusters birthday adventure

This video, created for a birthday party during the pandemic, took around 22 hours to complete, assembling cell phone video from three different sources. I created the 3D animation in Cinema 4D, composited in After Effects and edited in Premiere Pro.


Bryan Ambacher and I produced this short video in 1988 for the KGUN-TV company party. KGUN allowed employees to use station equipment to shoot and edit videos for the party. I think we shot this on 3/4″ U-Matic. Bryan had sculpted and fabricated (from fiberglass) this excellent reproduction of the Mac Tonight head from the McDonald’s commercials of the era, and we thought it would be fun to create a “day in the life” short film for the character.

water survey

In this, my last entry into the KGUN-TV Video Festival/Party, Bryan Ambacher and I again collaborated to produce our take on a David Letterman-style man-on-the-street interview. A year earlier Tucson, Arizona had switched its water source from groundwater to Central Arizona Project water, an open canal running from the Colorado River to Tucson. The change in minerals and pH resulted in horrible-tasting water and rusted-through water heaters. This goofy exercise showed that people will give serious answers to the most ridiculous questions if there’s a professional TV camera shooting it all.

starts friday

This is a 16 mm student film I produced in 1984 as part of my major in Radio-Television at the University of Arizona. I shot this in two days, mostly in Studio C at the U of A. I did very crude sync sound using a standard cassette recorder; this would suffice for short bits of dialogue. I edited it over a weekend in May on Korean War-vintage equipment.

tobor's revenge

This is the second part of my “Plan 10 from Outer Space” trilogy, continuing the story I started in my 1984 16 mm student film Starts Friday. I produced this for the 1990 KGUN-TV company party in which employees were encouraged to use station equipment to create videos for the party. The cast consists entirely of my co-workers from KGUN.

attack of the krylons

Here’s the concluding chapter of my three-part “Plan 10” trilogy. This was the most ambitious of these productions in terms of scope, special effects, and cast. As these went along I toned down the intentional production cheesiness and focused more on creating a tongue-in-cheek homage to the old sci-fi serials. I’ve included quite a few references to those old serials and features.

addy hop

My soon-to-be wife Lisa and I produced and directed this short video to open the 1989 Tucson Ad Club Addy Awards. The video was shot in a throwback diner called Studebakers in Tucson, Arizona with production gear and crew from KGUN-TV.  We completed editing and post production at KGUN. Most of the graphic elements were created on the AVA (Ampex Video Art) paint system, including some primitive rotoscoping.