PKE Meter-1994

In the early 90s Bryan brought my 1989 PKE Meter to the set of a movie he was working on to show to his fellow crew members, and they were fairly impressed. A few weeks (or months?) later he brought me an Iona Shoe Polisher that one of his co-workers had found at a yard […]

PKE Holster-2017

It seems like the common solution to holster a (usually toy) PKE meter is to buy and modify a holster for a measuring tape. I wanted something that evoked the original belt gizmo and trap holster, so I set out to design and build a custom PKE holster from leather. Leather, man After watching some […]

Network 23 Camera-1987

Max Headroom, the short-lived ABC television series, was probably too ahead of its time. A reboot of a 1985 production (20 Minutes into the Future), the show was the first to truly embrace the cyberpunk aesthetic as it satirized the corrupt state of network television, depicting a world in which the television screen is everything. […]

Smoking Ghost Trap-1984

Earlier experiences in various costume contests taught Bryan and me that it took more than craftsmanship to win. You needed a gimmick. For us it was tossing marshmallows to the crowd and wielding this low-budget smoking ghost trap. Trap Left Trap Inside Trap Right Dry ice + warm water = smoke My thrown-together trap was […]

Ecto Goggles-2017

Dressing up as a Ghostbuster is fun, but, to me, the drawback with the costume is that the coolest element is worn on your back, which usually makes for kind of boring photos. So in an effort to add more bling that’s visible from the front I ended up building the most accurate set of […]

PKE Meter-1989

With my Proton Pack pretty dialed in by the late 80s I was looking for another prop to build. The upcoming release of Ghostbusters 2 in 1989 gave me the motivation to scratch-build a PKE meter. Despite limited reference materials and no knowledge of servos I was able to produce a functioning prop that was […]

Proton Packs-1984

In the fall of 1984 my friend Bryan Ambacher and I set out to scratch-build accurate Ghostbusters Proton Packs on a very limited budget. Through a combination of luck, ingenuity, and some talent we were able to largely achieve that goal within five months of the movie’s original June, 1984 opening. Background Living in Tucson, […]