Commando Cody

I quickly built this low-budget Commando Cody costume for a sci-fi short spoof I produced for the 1991 KGUN-9 TV company video festival. I revisited if almost 30 years later to wear to the 2019 Rose City Comic Con. 1991 – Captain ballistic My version of this character was named Captain Ballistic. I was probably […]

Cyborg Soldier-1988

After 3-4 projects recreating costumes and props I decided to design and build an original costume. I came up with this battle-damaged Cyborg Soldier. helmet Once again I’d be using fiberglass for the major components. I found some sort of plastic helmet at a secondhand store and cut it apart to produce portions of my […]


The first two seasons of Star Trek: the Next Generation were admittedly uneven, but in my opinion, the Borg have never been scarier than in their very first appearance in the season 2 episode, “Q-Who?” At that point they had no interest in assimilating humans. No “resistance is futile”. They were a mindless hive mind, […]

CAP Water Main-1993

My favorite recurring segment on Late Night with David Letterman was Darlene Love singing “Christmas Baby Please Come Home” every year. My second-favorite recurring bit was his annual parade of Halloween costumes. Meta and bizarre, these segments spoke to me. In 1993 I was wracking my brain to come up with a similar concept in […]

Boba Fett-1980

Built in 1980 and upgraded in 1981, this Boba Fett costume was my first “high end” attempt to recreate a character from a movie. The Boba Fett costume was undeniably one of the coolest designs in Star Wars, yet it wasn’t so complex as to be impossible to recreate. 1980-Original Build I didn’t have a […]